If you are interested in undertaking an environmental internship with the Manly Environment Centre, please email us at mec@manly.nsw.gov.au with a brief cover letter and an attached CV.

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Please contact the MEC via email if you wish to undertake a student project with MEC via your university, TAFE or college.

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Become a Protector of the Little Penguins

penguinwardenlogoStepping off the Manly Ferry at dusk, Sara was finally ready to unwind after a long day at the office. Having signed off from her last work-related call of the day, she was looking forward to relaxing at home with her partner and small daughter.  But as she walked past the boardwalk by the wharf, she stopped to get a quick glance of her favourite friends – the Little Penguins.

Free event

Date: Aug 14th, Wed, 14th 6:00pm - 8:30pm

Venue: Steyne Hotel, Manly

Movie and Q & A with Amy Smoothie on tagging Bull Sharks in Sydney Harbour.

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Manly Council in partnership with Fisheries NSW is establishing a volunteer group for Cabbage Tree Bay No Take Aquatic Reserve. The purpose of the group is to:

  • educate visitors about the biodiversity of Cabbage Tree Bay and the importance of preserving and protecting this biodiversity,
  • increase public awareness of conservation issues within the reserve, and
  • provide visitor information services which encourages appreciation of the reserves values.
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Event: A Walk & Talk through North Head on Sat June 22

Manly Environment Centre invites you to join Karen Smith, Education Officer, Aboriginal Heritage Office, on a guided a walk from Little Manly Beach to North Head Sanctuary. Learn about your local Aboriginal heritage. From North Head Foundation Nursery join Francis Bodkin, Dharawal knowledge holder and botanical author, on a walk through North Head's beautiful bush.Then back to the nursery for a morning tea of wattleseed scones and bush jams and teas.


Event: Weaving Bridges Project

One hundred and fifity people joined together in this collaborative project to knit, crochet and weave marine creatures, which were triumphantly installed in June on the Stuart Sommerville Bridge, Queenscliff. The bridge, at the north end of Manly ocean beach, links Manly with Warringah and symbolises the joining together of the Northern Beaches community to celebrate our Aboriginal heritage. The stunning marine seascape remained in place until the end of October, and the individual creatures are expected to reappear throughout Manly soon. But where?




Golf courses are often located on or near waterways and can have a big impact on water quality because of the quantities of pesticides and fertilisers they use.  American studies showed that golf course superintendents suffer higher rates of cancer because of exposure to pesticides. The second global anti-golf movement convention was held in 1994 and overseas, golf courses were becoming the target of environmental groups. Even the major chemical companies have put out brochures about turf stewardship. A golf course can use one million litres of water a day!

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When pollution problems plaguing our waterways were documented by local students testing the water, Kids, Companies & Creeks (KCC) was born.  KCC was a joint initiative of Blackmores Ltd, OzGREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network – Australia Inc) and the Manly Environment Centre. 

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Cabbage Tree Bay became a part of the National Estate when Manly Beach was put on the Heritage List in 1991. It has played host to swimmers, snorkellers, scuba divers, fishermen, walkers, cyclists, parents and children, residents, visitors … the list is endless.

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