Golf courses are often located on or near waterways and can have a big impact on water quality because of the quantities of pesticides and fertilisers they use.  American studies showed that golf course superintendents suffer higher rates of cancer because of exposure to pesticides. The second global anti-golf movement convention was held in 1994 and overseas, golf courses were becoming the target of environmental groups. Even the major chemical companies have put out brochures about turf stewardship. A golf course can use one million litres of water a day!

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When pollution problems plaguing our waterways were documented by local students testing the water, Kids, Companies & Creeks (KCC) was born.  KCC was a joint initiative of Blackmores Ltd, OzGREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network – Australia Inc) and the Manly Environment Centre. 

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Cabbage Tree Bay became a part of the National Estate when Manly Beach was put on the Heritage List in 1991. It has played host to swimmers, snorkellers, scuba divers, fishermen, walkers, cyclists, parents and children, residents, visitors … the list is endless.

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In the late 1980’s, the intense pressure of development, tourism and pollution resulted in a huge groundswell of concern from the local Manly community. This was translated into a unique form of positive action when this group sought to work with the Manly Council towards their common goals.

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“I am so proud of you all. Your actions are part of a global movement to protect a future for all life. Thank you and congratulations.”
- Professor David Suzuki, Canada

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The Manly Environment Centre working in partnership with community groups and the broader community including:

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The Plastic Princess posed on the beach today. Many pedestrians and beach visitors were curious about our princess and took pictures of her standing beside the 'Keep our sea plastic free' banner. On Ocean Care Day, 5th December, the Plastic Princess will be available for photo shootings at the Project Plastic site.


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Manly Environment Centre interns joined Craig Moulds, owner of Manly Boat & Kayak Hire, for a sea and beach clean up. They collected plastic bottles, cups and plastic bags along Manly's shoreline and on Collins Beach. The clean up was recorded for the 'Keep our sea plastic free' project.

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