Bats and Litterbugs

Batty about Bats

Ocean Care Day has always had eco-art and eco-stalls. Now we're bringing you eco-theatre as well.

Kids will love this musical play about Batty the grey-headed flying fox who is about to have a pup. She’s been on the move ever since she left the Royal Botanic Gardens and is worried about what’s going to happen to her baby if she can’t find a home fast.

Bats finds an ally in Possy, the little Ringtail Possum who thinks Batty is actually a fox that flies! But the pair encounter Lady Beatrice Barrenbottom the Third, who has a big problem with Bats and is trying to convince Ranger Bob to do something drastic.

Can Possy help save Batty from homelessness?


The Manly Litter Bug

And our own Litter Bug will be there to highlight the impact of litter and single-use plastic on beach communities and ocean environments. And to remind us all that 'no one likes a litter bug'.


Above: Lady Barrenbottom and Possy.  Below: The Manly Litter Bug







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