Celebrities, Politicians and World Leaders: What they say about the MEC

“I am so proud of you all. Your actions are part of a global movement to protect a future for all life. Thank you and congratulations.”
- Professor David Suzuki, Canada

“The Centre has been a superb example of what can be done locally and have a national influence. Congratulations.”
- Robyn Williams, ABC Science Show

“The wellbeing of our world requires citizens to act; to be advocates, defenders and restorers of our precious environment. Such welcome actions are necessary for a genuinely sustainable society.”
- Peter Garrett, President, Australian Conservation Foundation

“The kids, companies and creeks project has snow-balling and far-reaching effects beyond the local area…the hundreds of young people who move on after their school days continue as ambassadors because they know that they have the power to influence decisions and improve their world”
- Dr. Mary White, Paleoecologist and author of “Listen our Land is Crying”

“I congratulate the Manly Environment Centre on ten years of service to the environment. The Centre’s hard work and innovative projects like kids, companies and creeks makes it a model for community based environmental projects across the country. The Federal Government has been happy to support the Manly Environment Centre over the past decade and looks forward to working with the Centre in the future”
- Senator Robert Hill, Minister for the Environment

“Follow your instincts, walk your own path and plan to win”
- Kate Hughes, Olympic Co-ordination Authority

“The Manly Environment Centre is about meeting the demands of the people. It gives hope and pride to the people who live in Manly”
- Professor David Bellamy, United Kingdom

“Good effective environmental protection is based on great visions, creative concepts, credible actions and expert competence of those who are untiringly engaged in the realisation of ecological projects. In this sense the team at Manly Environment Centre has always been a competent partner in environmental matters. They have shown a pioneering spirit for sustainable development and a future worth living for and made their centre a meeting point for the exchange of information and knowledge which lead to actions. We need more of this long-sightedness and courage on the local level, that ultimately on daily life the still existing reservations and prejudices towards ecological objectives can be overcome. Manly Environment Centre practices communication in the best possible way by pushing awareness of all groups of society. Happy tenth anniversary to Manly Environment Centre from Berlin. May all your efforts be recognised on every political level.”
- Reinhard Peglan, senior Scientific Officer on Environmental Management, Federal Environmental Agency, Germany

“You are bringing about necessary change in every creative way. Thank you very much for letting us learn  from your approaches.”
- Shin-ichiro Yoshida, International Education Resources and Information Centre Tokyo, Japan

“Manly Council and the Centre have provided an invaluable training ground for our students on important environmental issues. They have learned how to deal with problems in economics and environmental science at the grassroots level.“
- Professor Geoff Waugh, University of N.S.W, Prime Minister’s Award for the Australian University Teacher of the Year, 1999

“We all share a common responsibility for the causes, prevention and control of soil erosion.”
- Doug Wimble, Vice President, International Development, International Erosion Control Association

“The importance of achieving ecological sustainability cannot be overstated. The future of our children and countless living species depends on it. And achieving sustainability depends on people knowing the facts and understanding the issues. For its outstanding role in environmental education, the Manly Environment Centre deserves our support and congratulations.”
- Professor Michael Archer Director, The Australian Museum

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