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Manly Environment Centre launches a project to ban plastic bags in Manly. Stay updated on our actions here!


Plastic bags have a long-lasting impact on the environment and pose a threat to Manly’s fragile ecosystem. Especially Manly’s little penguins are affected. Two penguins have been found trapped in plastic bags and were close to drowning.

By avoiding the use of plastic bags we can have a positive effect on Manly’s environment.


The Plastic Princess

We can reduce the use of non-renewable natural resources. We can stop that littered plastic bags blow into the ocean and get swallowed by mammals and seabirds. We can ban plastic bags in Manly.

'Be fantastic - say no to plastic':
  • Educate about the environmental impact of plastic bags.
  • Promote reusable plastic bags.
  • Engage Manly's community.
  • Pledge to stop the use of plastic bags.
  • Support a Council ban on plastic bags.

The Plastic Princess posed on the beach today. Many pedestrians and beach visitors were curious about our princess and took pictures of her standing beside the 'Keep our sea plastic free' banner. On Ocean Care Day, 5th December, the Plastic Princess will be available for photo shootings at the Project Plastic site.


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Manly Environment Centre interns joined Craig Moulds, owner of Manly Boat & Kayak Hire, for a sea and beach clean up. They collected plastic bottles, cups and plastic bags along Manly's shoreline and on Collins Beach. The clean up was recorded for the 'Keep our sea plastic free' project.

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In the lead up for the Ocean Care Day Festival and our 'Keep our sea plastic free' project we recorded a video interview with Ian Kiernan, founder of Clean Up Australia. Keep your eyes out for the video clip.

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Our activities during Ocean Care Day
  • Meet the plastic princesses, dressed in recycled plastic bag dresses and get your plastic bag swapped to a reusable bag.
  • Participate in a Beach Clean Up.
  • Sign our pledge to make Manly plastic bag free.
  • Learn about the environmental impacts of plastic in our Ocean Lab.
  • Read about plastic issues in Australia and around the world.
  • Visit our 'Wall of Shame' and see how polluted our beach is.
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The initiator: Coles Bay, Tasmania

Coles Bay in Tasmania was the first community to ban plastic bags in Australia. In 2003 the local initiative successfully disposed all light weight plastic bags from the supermarket check-outs. During the first 12 months Coles Bay stopped the use of 350,000 plastic bags.

The first state to ban plastic bags: South Australia

In 2009 South Australia became the first Australian state to ban plastic bags. Since then 82% of South Australians believe that the ban of plastic bags is an important environmental issue. In the first 6 months they stopped the use of 200 million plastic bags. The ACT and the Northern Territory are drafting similar regulations.

Retailers campaign: Harris Farm Market

Harris Farm Market donates 5c to Clean Up Australia for every person who doesn't want a plastic bag. With this campaign they aim to reduce the use of plastic bags by 1/2 million in six months.

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